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It is famous in the world that Goats climb to the argan tree, and stay on the tree for foods.


Climbing on the tree the most well-known is the monkey, but in Morocco that these Moroccan goats climb on the tree instead of monkey, that is not for show goats climbing skill but for the farmers that they need the goats help them get the argan trees’ seed to make an argan oil


These goats are found on the top of tree branches and seem didn’t feel afraid about the branch will be snapped when the heavy weight of goats themselves.




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The argan oil is very expensive and it was admired and suggested by the doctors, because the argan tree fruit the seeds contain high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids, and the oil has antioxidant effects.

The oil also can help people to lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.


We won’t introduce the argan oil but just the goats, and we almost cannot understand these goats from the mountain or cliff move to the trees.   



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Next time, if you have the chance visit Morocco that you can spend a little time to watch them stay on tree and check-in yourself to share these unique photos to your friends.

Welcome to Morocco!



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